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Four of the best ‘Learn to Podcast’ courses online today!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

As an incredible channel to connect directly with your audience, podcasts are becoming more and more important in the world of business and marketing. Storytelling is continuing to be an essential requirement for brands and personalities, as audiences (or just people) are demanding honesty and authenticity.

So why not find a great course to learn the art of podcasting and better connect with your audience. Whether for marketing your company, building your personal brand, or simply a passion-project, there are a lot of benefits to learning the essential skills in podcasting.

Here are our top picks:

This course aims to show you everything that you would possibly need to start your own podcast. In addition, the course covers how to record and edit, as well as grow and monetise your podcast.

The Basics of Podcasting from SkillShare

Brandi Both, a business coach and host of the Power Project Podcast, delivers this course on the basics of podcasting, sharing the knowledge essential for those just starting out with podcasting.

A fantastic course to get you started with creating your very own podcast. This course will take you through all the key essentials, providing you with practical advice and tips to enable you to take that step in creating your podcast.

Editor’s pick*

It says it right there in the title… this is a practical course for creating your podcast. Whether you’re starting out, or an experienced podcaster, the practical tips provided in the course will be useful in building successful podcasts.

Happy Podcasting!


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