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10 best Marketing Analytics courses online today!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What is Marketing Analytics? Why is it so important for businesses today? Where can you find the best Marketing Analytics courses online today? - for all levels of expertise. We put the spotlight on this increasingly-required skill.

What is Marketing Analytics?

If you’ve clicked on this post, you probably already know, but for those who aren’t sure… Marketing analytics is essentially how we can measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, and learn how or where to improve. It allows us to take data from marketing activities, to determine the return of those efforts.

Why is Marketing Analytics so important?

In the highly competitive markets companies operate in, understanding what is bringing the best bang for your buck is a hugely valuable piece of insight. When the competition for customer’s attention is so fierce, and marketing budgets may need to be streamlined, understanding where to focus your marketing spend, and how to do that is essential for businesses today. This is why marketing analytics is so important.

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.

Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President, Gartner Research

Marketing Analytics courses

For most skills, there are courses available for the different levels that students may be at, and Marketing Analytics courses are no different. Below, we’ve picked some of the best courses for Beginners, Intermediate - those looking to build on a base-knowledge, and Expert - those really honing their skills in the area.


Editor’s pick for beginners*

This Nanodegree program from Udacity offers a great foundation into data skills relevant to marketing. The course provides a smart introduction into the fundamentals as well as practical skills to apply in the real world.

For full details on the course, click here

Marketing Analytics from Coursera, offered by University of Virginia

A very highly rated and popular option, Coursera’s Marketing Analytics course from University of Virginia, teaches you how to build a brand architecture, and importantly how to measure the impact of marketing on the brand value. In addition, the course teaches how to measure customer lifetime value, as well as how to design basic experiments to assess marketing impact.

The course is developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

For full details on the course, click here

Marketing analytics: Know your customers from Coursera, offered by Macquarie University

Also highly rated, this course offers students the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of both traditional and digital marketing metrics. Students of this course will learn to analyse the concept of customer value, as well as examine tools used to decide what works best for different problems.

This course is also part of the Global Masters of Business Administration (Global MBA) degree.

For full details on the course, click here.

This Marketing Analytics course on Udemy, offers students to learn about the most important marketing metrics, along with some practical tips on how to apply them. In addition, you will be able to know how to ask the right questions from your data, as well as being able to build a dynamic dashboard.

For full details on the course, click here


Created by the Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics, this course teaches students to calculate market segments, use pricing techniques and forecast sales. The course will take you through various techniques for market segmentation, teaching students how to conduct market segmentation effectively.

For full details on the course, click here

Editor’s pick for intermediate*

Claiming to be the ultimate overview of marketing analytics, this course is aimed at marketers at large and smaller organisations. The focus of the course is on the marketing metrics and decision making process. The course covers critical elements including A/B testing, measuring awareness and purchase intent.

If you’re looking to progress from beginner to a comfortable practitioner in this space, this course might just be the one for you.

For full details on the course, click here

Although not specifically a Marketing Analytics course, this Digital Marketing Strategies course will support students in the various aspects of digital marketing strategy. The course covers the full process of developing a marketing strategy, from audience personas to developing specific platform strategies.

For full details on the course, click here

This course covers a broad range of digital marketing topics through over 30 hours of lectures and activities. Digital analytics is one of these major topics, which will support you in being able to develop highly effective strategies to analyse customers using specific statistical software.

For full details on the course, click here


Learning from a global marketing exec, this course teaches the most advanced marketing strategies, and therefore requiring extensive marketing experience. The course covers a range of topic areas including marketing strategy, marketing management, and business branding, amongst others.

For full details on the course, click here

Strategic Business Analytics Specialization from Coursera, offered by ESSEC Business School

Building on your Marketing Analytics foundations, this course develops skills across the business spectrum. The Strategic Business Analytics Specialization course is exactly that - covering the foundations to strategic business analytics, it provides you with the skills needed to make efficient and profitable business decisions, driven by data and insights.

For full details on the course, click here


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