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Udemy Review

As we know, there are a lot of online learning platforms around today, and sometimes choosing which one is right for you can be quite a challenge. That's why we've put together a short series of reviews of some of our top picks. Here's our thoughts on Udemy.


Udemy claims to have the World’s largest selection of courses, and with 130,000 to choose from, they might well be right. Another major-player in online learning, Udemy offers both free and paid-for courses. Along with its wide range of courses, Udemy offers its students lifetime access to the course material, so you really can learn at your own pace or revisit the course.

Course topics

  • Development (Web development, Machine learning, etc.)

  • Business

  • Finance & Accounting

  • IT & Software

  • Office Productivity

  • Personal Development

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Lifestyle

  • Photography & Video

  • Health & Fitness

  • Music

  • Teaching & academics

Top courses

Here are some of our top picks from Udemy

Top free courses

For Business

With a client list including Survey Monkey, Adidas, and Volkswagen, amongst others, Udemy for Business may just be right for your organization. Offering over 5,000 courses to business clients, Udemy covers a wide range of courses.

For teams of 5 - 20 users, the cost for Udemy for Business is $360 per user per year (plus applicable taxes). If your team is larger the 21 people, you’ll need to contact Udemy for a free demo and pricing.

Final thoughts

Udemy clearly has a huge range of courses, but do they have the right ones for you? There are a lot of great courses in a wide range of specialist subjects. As we see it, Udemy might be the right choice for those beginning a new skill, or moving to an intermediate level - this seems to be their sweet-spot. With courses priced between $9 - $300, you should find the right one for you.

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